Press Accreditation

We encourage all journalists who wish to cover the festival for their respective media to apply for a press accreditation. We look forward to welcoming you to CPH PIX 2016.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt when you have sent your application. PIX will as soon as possible send you a final confirmation of your accreditation status. PIX reserves the right to evaluate and potentially reject any application deemed non-qualifying.

Where to pick up your press card
When you have received an approval of your application you can pick up your press card at our information desk in Cinemateket through October 27 - November 9 from 11:30-18:00. The address is: Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55, 1123 København K.

Limited access
The press card only gives access to regular priced film screenings at the festival.
If you wish to request for access to special events or screenings you must apply at with information about the specific aims of your coverage of the event.

Further questions
Please contact for all questions in press related matters.

Deadline for applications is October 24, 2016.
Later applications will be charged a fee.

Apply for press accreditation from October 3 here

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