As a new initiative this year, we have divided the school programme up into three sections that follow the three stages of primary and lower secondary school: preparatory stage, intermediate stage and lower secondary stage. In this way, it is now easy to find relevant film offerings and teaching materials that suit your specific class.

Click on the school level that suits your pupils, and take a closer look at everything from the latest feature films and thematic short film programmes to educational workshops.

This year, BUSTER is also cooperating with Denmark's largest digital teaching publishers, Clio Online, which has linked a selection of its teaching materials and courses to a wide variety of the programme's films across the school levels. From 11 September onwards you will be able to explore and find inspiration in the materials, which can be found under the individual films in the programme.

In addition, we are also offering teaching materials that are geared specifically towards working with film analysis in primary school, as well as a special course on 'the good film review' for the intermediary stage. Read more and find these materials for free under 'Teaching Materials'.

Practical information & ticket prices
Tickets for BUSTER's school programme can be bought in a normal way through your chosen cinema or through our own ticket sales system, depending on where the film is shown. Find direct links under the film descriptions on this page, or buy your ticket directly in the cinema or on

Read much more about how to buy tickets, our prices and general policies for buying and claiming tickets here.

There are three different ticket types and prices for this year's school programme.

Tickets for regular school screenings cost 15 kr. each.

Tickets for the workshop courses cost 600 kr. per school class (including materials and film screening, if applicable).

Tickets for teacher workshops cost 100 kr. each.

Find the list of cinemas and contact information here.