Welcome to BUSTER

Submission for this year's festival is now open! Click here to submit your film.

As you might already have noticed, BUSTER has become a part of the film festival CPH PIX. This means that we have more resources to put together the greatest film programme with the best children's and youth films from all over the world, and not least supplement our film screenings with workshops, educational presentations and fantastic experiences, which are tailored specifically for you  whether you are a pre-school, primary-school or secondary-school teacher, or a family with big or small children.

At BUSTER it should be easy for you to find time for good films and to immerse yourself in them, and therefore we have of course made sure that the activities for school classes take place during the week and those for the families during the weekend.

Our goal is still to give the youngest audiences the opportunity to see films that they would otherwise not be able to enjoy in the cinemas, and to explore a universe of quality films that offer equal parts food for though and exercise for your laughter muscles.

We hope that you will enjoy our new programmes.

Click on the category that suits you, and dive into this year's film experience.

Have fun!